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Alpine mold are prepareing for ISO 9001:2015

24 Jul 2017 - die casting factory,custom molding,mold making

Alpine mold are prepareing for ISO 9001:2015

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On June 3, 2017, Shenzhen Alpine mold Engineering Co., Ltd China, which specializes in die casting mold making, successfully held ISO quality management system to start the General Assembly on the second floor of the company.

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There were more than 20 people attending the meeting, including general manager, consultant, department directors and group leaders. We attached great importance to the ISO quality management system, So we have set up the implementation of the Committee of  ISO quality management system to ensure the quality of die casting mold.

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Richer Lei made a speech on the meeting that we must carry out the ISO quality management system and follow and observe all rules and regulations in the files. If our custom molding factory reach to the international requirement level, our die casting factory will be more popular in the world.

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Rich Lei who has more than 20 years of experience in mold making, stressed that we must improve our internal management system according to the ISO quality management system so as to establish a enterprise management system to improve the ability of individual work and work level and enhance the company's core competitiveness and efficiency. He Called on all colleagues in accordance with the ISO9001 standards.

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Mr. Rao the leading consultant of consultant company pointed out: why we must carry out the ISO quality management system? Also specify the way and requirements of implementation: organize staffs to learn about the production process, product standards, in terms of "staffs, machine, material, law, ring" he  analyzed the purpose of the ISO system from thinking to action to implement, clear working methods, work order, work standards. We must do a good job of the brand and establish and improve the internal quality management system; product is the result of the process, the quality of the process determines the quality of the product, the role of the system is the formation and protection of the process; To improve the system, we must learn about it. Our product will be in higher quality and meet your satisfaction.

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